May 2013: Hematology/Oncology


per Nate:

“Have you asked yourself recently ‘I send my DVT patients home, why don’t I just send my PE patients home as well?’ If so this next journal club will be for you. Next weeks Journal Club on 5/9/13 will be edge or your seat game changing information, unless you live in Canada or Europe where they already do this.  We will discuss a recent randomized trial of outpatient PE treatment vs inpatient treatment, as well as risk stratification tools for PE patients. The papers and an ERcast podcast regarding the same subject are below.”


May 2013- Paper#1 -PESI

May 2013- Paper#2 -Outpatient PE treatment


April 2013: General and Vascular Surgery

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per Lexie:

“For this month’s EBM we’re going to discuss head injury patients who are on anticoagulation.  The included podcast is short, only 20 minutes, and starts with a discussion of reversing anticoagulation in patients with head bleeds.  At the end of the podcast is a discussion on the dispo for elderly patients on anticoagulation with head trauma and negative initial head CTs.  I’ve attached two papers that attempt to address this issue.”


April 2013- Paper #1 -low dose aspirin

April 2013- Paper #2 -repeat head CT

March 2013: Endocrine

EMRAPPodcastLogoper Matt:

“This month’s EBM conference will be discussing the use of single dose Etomidate for RSI in sepsis and it’s controversial association with increased mortality.  Attached are the two articles.  One is an RCT from an EM attending at Christ Hospital who was interviewed in the attached podcast.  The podcast is only 15 minutes and provides a good discussion on the intent of the study as well as it’s strengths/weaknesses.  The second article is a meta-analysis of some of the articles that have suggested an association between Etomidate and increased mortality.”

March 2013- Paper #1 -Etomidate vs Midaz for RSI in Sepsis
March 2013- Paper #2 -Effect of etomidate on adrenal function
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Feburary 2013: Environmental



Feburary 2013- Paper #1 -NEJM Hypothermia

Feburary 2013- Paper #2 -CPB Rewarming

Feburary 2013- Paper #3 -Pleural Lavage

Feburary 2013- Paper #4 -Pleural Lavage


January 2013: Cardiology

Screen-shot-2010-11-21-at-9.26.22-AMPer Ali:
“Listen to 1:15-1:50:30  This starts with a review of the literature about low risk chest pain evals in the ED and concludes with the part about how unnecessary caths can actually harm patients
“Bonus/optional:  3:10-16:13 that is just a primer on the definition of stress test, the different types available, and the current AHA recommendations.”
January 2013 -Scheuermeyer study

December 2012: Trauma

EMRAPPodcastLogoThis month we will be using an EMRAP podcast which I have attached to this email, as well as a PDF with their brief summary of the podcast (EMRAP November 2012 file, page 7).
December 2012- Paper #1 -Manual In-line Stabilization Increases Pressures Applied by the Laryngoscope Blade during Direct Laryngoscopy and Orotracheal Intubation
December 2012- Paper #2 -Motion of a Cadaver Model of Cervical Injury During Endotracheal Intubation With a Bullard Laryngoscope or a Macintosh Blade With and Without In-line Stabilization

November 2012: Infectious Disease: