SAEM Abstract

Title: The Next Generations’ Journal Club: An Innovative Approach to Multimedia and Evidence Based Medicine


Residents use podcasts as sources for current discussion regarding medical literature, procedural techniques, and to glean approaches to clinical scenarios from the perspective of other institutions. Concerns have been voiced by residency leadership at national meetings regarding resident use of podcasts, as they are often the project of individuals from a variety of settings, are not peer reviewed, and enjoy wide exposure.


To design and implement a unique educational innovation by combining our monthly evidence based medicine lectures wherein we review medical literature with an assigned podcast that discusses the pieces of literature in question. We hypothesized that this unique lecture format would give residents the tools to analyse primary medical literature while simultaneously critically considering the discussion of the literature by author of the podcast.


Each month, a group of residents is assigned to select and distribute a podcast and review two studies that are referenced during that podcast. At a residency conference, the group of residents presents their appraisal of the medical literature, specifically the methods, results, conclusions, and internal/external validity. This is followed by information about the podcast, as in the author, setting, conflicts of interest, and the extent of dogmatism versus evidence based approaches. Then, the validity of the podcast commentary pertaining to the pieces of literature in question is discussed.


Residents have been very satisfied with this innovation. An online platform was designed to allow for commentary and description of our project.


Analysing relevant journal articles in emergency medicine and podcasts which discuss them in a resident lecture format offers a unique and novel approach to teaching residents to critically appraise both literature and podcasts.


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