October 2012: Ob/Gyne


Screen-shot-2010-11-21-at-9.26.22-AM“The podcast covers various topics, but specifically I would like to focus on the risk of miscarriage in 1st trimester vaginal bleeders as well as the risk of isoimmunization in Rh negative women with 1st trimester vaginal bleeding (i.e. the need for Rhogam).
“I plan to review a 2008 article in Annals of Emergency Medicine about the risks of miscarriage with vaginal bleeding in the 1st trimester which I thought might be good in order to provide useful information/anticipatory guidance to our 1st trimester vaginal bleeders.
“It’s incredibile the amount of limited data on the risk of isoimmunization in the 1st trimester – there is almost no primary literature and it is mostly case reports, letters to the editor, etc. There is a review article from 2006 that I plan to review detailing the literature about isoimmunization from 1st trimester vaginal bleeding.”
October 2012- Paper #1 -Juliano 2008
October 2012- Paper #2 -Hannafin 2006

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