September 2012: GI

Screen-shot-2010-11-21-at-9.26.22-AM2:56 Case report
7:23 Epidemiology
16:23- Why PPIs?
23:56 H2 blockers
29:50 Use of PPIs prior to endoscopic diagnosis
33:33 Forest classification of ulcers
37:16 Daneshmend article- Omeprazole vs. Placebo
43:15 Lau NEJM article- Omperazole before endoscopy in pts with GI bleed
49:40 Benefits of PPI for ulcer bleeding
55:25 PPI studies in Western medicine vs. placebo
1:03:28 PPIs don’t work- but why?
1:14:47 Guidelines
September 2012- Paper #1 -NEJM Lau
September 2012- Paper #2 -BMJ Daneshmend

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